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Ini Edo Might Just Be The Sexiest Nollywood Actress

Many believe Ini Edo might just be the sexiest Nollywood actress, we believe that too. 
Although, she hasn’t been too active in the local industry, she is still being fondly remembered.
The 37-year old Akwa Ibom native is rumoured to have undergone plastic surgery to enhance her curvy shape just like many other celebrity women, well we dont believe that too. 
Her beautiful face and shining skin would always be remembered long after her final exit from Nollywood.
She migt just be the hottest 37 years old akwa ibom native around 

Even with the talented  like Adesuwa Etomi and Beverly Naya, many still crave to see Ini Edo’s face.
Ini too hot 🔥 

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