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BBNaija Star “Cee C” Flaunts Her Cloth Line “Ceegar” And is Looking Really Hot.

BBNaija Star, Lawyer, Entertainer, Influencer & CEO! 
BBNaija Star “Cee C” was looking so Hot As She Flaunts Her Cloth Line “Ceegar”

The reality Tv star “Cee C” flaunts her clothline “Ceegar” as she’s looking really hot in them…
Ceegar which was started about a 1 year now has rapidly grown and is gradually becoming the talk of the town. 

Ceegar has known is  a sports clothing line for gym lovers and seeing this really hot photos of cee c every woman out there would surely want to  get their body worked out and into shape.

Good news is, there is also a “mens wear”

With this hot pictures i guess there would be no need for arguments or second thoughts... 

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