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How to earn money online with your mobile phone » 7earnings.com.ng

If your looking for free ways of earning money online or ways to invest online you might want to stick around because I know exactly how and what I am about to share with you would help you achieve that.

90% of people seen on the internet are there to chat, read something, watch something or maybe have fun till they are tired then they rest. While 10% actually try to make good use of their data by engaging in activities that would earn them money. 
Well if you reading this now you are on that 10%!!!
Making that walk of faith, being in that 10%, doing what others can't do or not being the sheep can be a little difficult most times because sometimes you may be alone but we want to let you know that we are behind you and YOUR NOT ALONE!!! 

As people may say, there are many ways of earning money online with your phone and just siting in the comfort of your home.
I came across this one way and I have been on it for months now and believe me when I say it's a big oppurtunity which you shouldn't let to go by. 
7earnings is a little company which has been there for a while now and their pay out is big.

With 7earnings you can make the best out of your time and money on the internet. 
They pay you for all your clicks, everything you read online, your time spent and so much more. 
It's a perfect company to invest your time, energy and money to.


Ok, like I mentioned before, They pay you for all your clicks, everything you read online, your time spent and so much more. 
It's a perfect way to invest your money and get a return ( you may say double your money). 

There plans include:

Rules/Ways of Earning on 7earnings

1. To earn on each plan, first you need to register and you can only register by purchasing an epin of ₦1400for basic. 

2. After registering, you need to start clicking our redirects there you see news to read and for each click, you would be paid N10.

3. You also get paid when you refer to a loved one. 
After you have told them about 7earnings and convinced them, they will be need to call one of 7earnings agent to purchase an epin then they take step 1.

4. After they have purchased and registered, you are to call the agent they called and get a pin(referral code) from them for your referral.

5. You are to insert the new pin given to you in your profile. To insert click the add referral button you find on your profile.

6. While taking step 5, a pop-up will appear and you are to put your new referral code there.

7. After putting your referral code, ₦500 will be added to your earnings (which is N500 per referral).

8. To Withdraw, you will click the “earnings button” you find on your profile. (Can't withdraw below the the minimum amount which is N3000 without referrals on basic plan).

9. The withdrawal button you click would be active after you have referred a minimum of one person or gotten a minimum of N3000 by clicking.

10. Fill the withdrawal form given with details of how you want to be paid, submit and send screenshot of your details on that withdrawal page to their customer care +2347055391731 on whatsapp.

11. After taking step 10 you wait for your payment on Saturday!

12. Remember only press the finish button only after you have withdrawn and gotten paid, and want to start earning again.

13. Note: After you have received first payment, a minimum of 2 referrals is needed to withdraw again.

This is all I know about the earnings and believe me it works like fire
I have earned now is the time for you to earn too.

You spend money to make money, that's why it's an investment, don't say it's too much because your data consume more and it hasn't been put to good use.

Stop wasting your data on things that won't add money to your pocket and start adding a few bucks to the wallet.
Join 7earnings.com.ng today


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