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Sportybet Has Been Hacked And Databases Compromised (SEE PHOTO PROVE !!!)

If you are searching the internet to know if sportybet has been hacked, if the sportybet database has been compromised, Sportybet Hacking and illegal withdrawals of fund from my bank account, How to get your money back from Sportybet, How to secure your sportybet wallet account, then you are at the right place.

According to recent complains and reports a on Nairaland, businesslist.com.ng and the sportybet.com complains center, the famous Nigerian sporting company “sportybet” has been compromised, and their database has been hacked by fraudster and money are been withdrawn illegally from customers accounts created under the company.

For the past few months now, thousands of nigerians have been laying complains and trying to raise an alarm on the recent happens on the sportybet platform as their hard earned money are being withdrawn illegally. Through this post, we would explain to you ways you could stop it and stay safe from them.


When registering sportybet you would be asked to put your details (personal credentials) including your ATM card details so that you can easily move money from your bank account to your sportybet wallet According to recent reports, their database has been compromised by scammers and those atm details has been retrieve by those scammers and money would be withdrawn from your Bank account without your concert and permission. 


Sportybet has your ATM card details on their database and that same data base has been compromised by some fraudster. What they do is that since they have your account details and password, they change your sportybet account password so you don't have access to it until they are done with their scam activities then they withdraw your money to your wallet , from your wallet they transfer the money to their respective online account, In other to make sure you don't gain access to the account, they send you an otp code 5 times so that you can't request for another otp to change your password and gain access to the account. 


If you have been been scammed through this process all you have to do is to lay a complain about it and they would block the ATM card You could go extra mile to opening another bank account since the bank account details has been compromised as well. Note that due to it's an online transaction and it deals with a third party company (sportybet), the Bank can't do anything about it


If you have an account with them and maybe you haven't been scammed yet, we advice you to deactivate or delete your account with them and delete your ATM card details from them so you don't suffer the same faith or better still block all transactions from sportybet to your bank account and share this post as it may save a life. 


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